Building Upper Body Strength<br>Katie Yip<br>Class 4562

Building Upper Body Strength
Katie Yip
Class 4562

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Bruno Thank you for taking class Bruno!
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Great Class! It's nice to see an instructor teaching "sitting down on the mat like Joe". Years ago a local instructor taught me "sitting down/ standing up like Joe".  I've always enjoyed those moves. I wore 5 lb leg weights and used 3 lb arm weights. That worked for me. I got a good workout, got lengthened, sweated a bit, and had fun. Thanks again Katie:) 
Silvia G
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great class,I really enjoy your clear instructions and fun variations, thanks
Jacquie W
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Wow, I can't believe how hard it is to concentrate on keeping my legs zipped together and my shoulders back and head lifted while doing the standing series with handweights. Great class, I enjoyed the addition of light handweights and would love to see more classes like this, in general. 
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Outstanding class, love your workouts!
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Excellent work out -we need more like this in the mat series. Thank you!
Zoe A
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Katie is an excellent teacher. She gives very clear and detailed instructions so I know exactly what I should be doing and exactly where I should feel my muscles work. It is always easy to follow the exercises even if I can’t always look at the screen. I hope Pilates Anytime will feature more of Katie’s classes. I would love to take more! Thank you!!!!!!
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Thanks Katie! Challenging weights class and great cueing!
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Thank you Katie Yip been meaning to try one of your classes for a while really enjoyed that 
Zoe A Zoe!!! Happy that you can take class through Pilates Anytime again :) I hope to see you soon in person one day :) 
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