Advanced Ball Progressions<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4564

Advanced Ball Progressions
Melissa Connolly
Class 4564

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DIrectly to favorites!  Thank you.
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Another excellent class!  I'm really enjoying your series!  Thanks!
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For anyone just getting a small ball aka Franklin Ball, don't fill it up too firmly. Your goal is to grab it, hold unto it with your leg, and lay on it. This is much easier to do, if you haven't filled it too much.  Otherwise  some exercises are going to be rolly polly challenging. Great Class. I got a good workout, sweated, and had fun. Melissa is a great teacher and her cuing is impeccable. I added 5 lb leg weights  and that worked for me. Thanks Again Melissa:) 
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Thank you! Excellent class!
Barbara O
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Thanks Mellisa for the great workout with the little ball!
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I am enjoying the Franklin Ball classes Melissa, great work. 
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Another great class. Thankyou
Lina S
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A very fun class! I've really enjoyed the quadruped and side kick series. Thank you!
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I have been doing a lot of classes utilizing the overball.   It amazes me how with each new class I do I learn more variations using the overball.   Thank you for challenging my body today.
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