Quick Full-Body Wake-Up<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 457

Quick Full-Body Wake-Up
Kristi Cooper
Class 457

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Helped with remembering how to stand- posture. Loved this short workout!! Thanks Kristi!
Loved this....can use as a balancing cooldown after a challenging mat session. Feels really great to lengthen EVERYTHING. Thank you.
Great work day break! Thanks
Thanks for the feedback! I enjoyed this class too. Seems like I always need this type of stretch/balance.
Great way to start the day or start a mat class for me! Thanks Kristi. Amazing what we can do with our bodies in 10 mins.
short but great for after a days hard work. will be back to do this class for sure!!
Glad you liked it Lorna!
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I keep coming back to this class when I'm short on time but want to realign, rebalance and energize. Thank you Kristi! And thank you for Pilates Anytime! It's the best Pilates-thing ever! To be able to learn from you all from the other side of the planet :) It's really too good to be true...
Very challenging class. Thanks. BTW you have a great upper body.
Thank you Teresa!
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