Inner Thigh Flow<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4571

Inner Thigh Flow
Melissa Connolly
Class 4571

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Lina S
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One of my favorite classes!. I really enjoy this series with the small ball. All classes are slightly different. They are all fun!
Veronika D
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I really love this series! My new top. Thank you!
Kirsty R
Thank you very much that was amazing! Loving this series x
Maria P
Had no idea there are so many ways to use the ball! Strong and creative work  out- thank you!
This is a great class Mellissa thank you. I am enjoying the series. I like your workout ensemble, lovely color.
It always nice when we get to do sideplanks and pushups. I got a good workout, lengthened, sweated a bit, and had fun. Thanks Again Melissa:}
oh i love your classes so much, thank you Melissa
Diana H
What a workout! I found this hard but straightforward thankyou!
Amazing. Challenging. Loved.
Thanks, Melissa, great class as always!
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