Inner Thigh Flow<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 4571

Inner Thigh Flow
Melissa Connolly
Class 4571

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Really enjoying this series and the use of the ball 
Vicki S
Thanks Melissa, Great class, just what I needed!
This was tough but thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, look forward to doing your other classes 

Awesome class...though I my legs might not agree!  Thank you!
Sandra F
Fantastic class, thank you Melissa. Loving the series.
Such a nice collection of variations  .. the 1 leg circle, asymmetric saw & ab work & nonstop adduction!  Great flow. You are a smooth criminal, Melissa ;)
Thank you Melissa, very creative session!
Susan A
Great class, great teacher! 
Always such a great workout with you! Those JL inspired exercises are always a challenge.  Any class with the ball is A++! Hope we see more from you soon.
Rachael S
Inner thigh strength is the missing link in my practice! Just brilliant thank you :) 
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