Reformer Jump 2<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4581

Reformer Jump 2
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4581

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Another awesome class by Sarah!  Loved every minute of it!  Sarah please keep creating classes like these 😁
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That was amazing Sarah. I enjoyed every minute of this class. The variations were fantastic. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much Jasmin P!  It really warms my teaching spirit to know that this "twist" on a jump class both makes sense and is enjoyable.  Take care:)  
Hi Clare R, I am so grateful to hear you enjoyed this class and all the variations.  Thank you so very much!!  
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This is a new favorite class of mine. I loved all of the unique variations. I will definitely repeat this class. Thank you!
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Challenging work , movement with interludes of deep stretch! This is going in my favorites. I am going on a long driving trip this weekend and this was absolutely perfect to do before going. Thank you!
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LOVE THE RAINBOW! Another awesome feel great session! Thank you, Sarah, for bringing the love!
Love the deep squat and the stretches lying closer to the bottom of the carriage. Thank you for this great series, and including the jump board!
Yippee...I am so pleased this class worked for you. Thank you Jessica M!  
Hi Cindy K,  Yes!  I just love moving from powerful movements to deep stretches.  Always best to move before a long sit.  Take care:)
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