Reformer Jump 2<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4581

Reformer Jump 2
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4581

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Rena W, yay!  So funny, the rainbow cue occurred to me while filming the class.  I was hoping it made sense.  I just LOVE that you loved it.  Thank you!! 
Erin Elizabeth yay!  So often, I create variations that my body needs or desires.  This particular one was feeling so good on my body, but one never knows if the ideas will make sense to others.  Thank you for joining me!! 
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Wow, what a great class!! Love

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I really enjoyed this one, thank you. 

Becky R wonderful! thank you so much for "playing" :) 
Hi Adele L, Yippee!  thank you so much.  take care:) 
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I really liked this class. The next day I felt it in my obliques and I had to go back and see where that came from and I think it was the reverse knee stretch, on one knee with the other leg crossed over the kneeling leg. It was great!! Thank you! (I liked everything about the flow.)
Jennifer C
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Another wonderful class! -excellent clarity, cueing, and direction Thank you
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I was feeling apprehensive about jumping this morning, didn't know if I had the energy.  But it definitely gave me the energy this morning :)  Plus those side stretches to finish! Yummy!
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This class was just what I needed. Thank you Sarah for this diverse and unique class. I enjoy all your classes, especially the jump board classes. I find them very invigorating 
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