Cross Balance Stability<br>Katie Yip<br>Class 4598

Cross Balance Stability
Katie Yip
Class 4598

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Federica A
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Wow, love all your classes Katie!
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Inspired Class.. loved all of it. I have never thought the side series in Pilates was very hard, but Katie did a good job of making it tough~ Yeah Katie! I got worked-out, lengthened, sweaty.. and had fun. Thanks again:) 
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Loved this but I was yelling and might have been crying too. lol
Ling G
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Great class!!!

WOW! loved it! thank you so much
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This was an incredible class. It was very well taught.  Katie, you have great control, strength and elongation of your body.  I loved your creativity in challenging the 'box' in various single leg/arm movements.  Thanks for your inspiration
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I cannot wait to do your classes- just recovering from surgery. I have loved watching you teach and perform all your classes. You are an excellent teacher!
Brian P
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This class was an inspiration.  Thank you!
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Wow tough class. You are amazing to watch!
Gala S
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I loved all about this class: movements, poses , pace are so well thought , it is just perfect . Thank you Katie.
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