No Spinal Flexion Mat<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 4599

No Spinal Flexion Mat
Jillian Hessel
Class 4599

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Jennifer E
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That was such a fun class! Thank you so much, Jillian! 
Thanks, Jennifer! I was away on Holiday when this was released, so I haven’t even watched it yet! I appreciate your positive review so much😁
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Fantastic class without spinal flexion! Loved that it was energetic and safe!

Lina S
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I was missing the foam roller! I've really enjoyed it. I like the standing moves with the foam roller (the swing motion particularly).
Yvonne L
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What a good idea to have no single flexion in a class. Thank you so much! You are a big Inspiration. And always looking stunning! 
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Lovely class, thank you 😊
Laura Maria
So many creative ideas! Great class 
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Lovely class, especially for folks with osteoporosis! Thanks so much Jillian!
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Loved this class Jillian.  The breathing prompts so important, thank you!  Realize I need to work on shins-on-roller, lol. 
Hi Jillian,I enjoyed the combination of exercises, lengthening of movements and breath sticata through out.
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