No Spinal Flexion Mat<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 4599

No Spinal Flexion Mat
Jillian Hessel
Class 4599

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I’m so happy to hear this class is a success. Thanks everyone, for doing class & for the great reviews!😀🥰
Thank you so much Jillian!
1st session with yo.  You are delightful.  I loved the flow!  I loved your cues and direction.
Diana J
Thank you so much for a beautiful class full of inspiration!
Tara S
enjoyable class - and such beautiful form - a treat 
Cheryl Z
Loved the class especially the leg pull front. I did mine without blocks but want to try again with some.
Julie B
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Love this class, but I've nearly memorized it! Any chance of more mat classes like this one, without spinal flexion?
Andrea F
Wow! Wonderful class with no spinal flexion! Doing it for the 2nd time and coming again. Need more of this, please, P.A.! And Jillian, you're awesome! A real inspiration!
Teresa L
Wonderful class - 
Hi Jillian, nicely designed and executed class, dynamic and challenging. Thank you! Loved your colors and outfit!
Kelly T
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