Putting it all Together<br>Katie Yip<br>Class 4609

Putting it all Together
Katie Yip
Class 4609

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I appreciate that Katie always emphasizes "keep a house for your mouse" in the side series. I have done a number of Pilates Classes where i didn't realize that keeping the side of my stomach on the floor is good way to pinch or bend your vertebrae and end up with a backache. Katie also has great form in her exercises, and I made it point to try and emulate that form. Great Effortful Class.. I had a good time and feel much better. Thanks Again Katie:) 
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I love the traditional mat work. Thank you for a very strong class Katie, well delivered. Exceptional leg sequence. I agree, that second leg was hard at work. Also harder work to lift the waist. Strong class.
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I'm so glad you have to wipe your sweat too.  Thank you for all the classes again! 
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Awesome class!!! Challenging, I had to do a few breaks, just what I wanted!!
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That was a very challenging class, thank you Katie. Perhaps the most brutal side lying series I've experienced! I was glad to get to the teaser series...until I wasn't :D
Gary M Thank you Gary! You were a super star during this entire series :)
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Pen S HAHA! Good eye - I am working just as hard alongside you all! Thank you for always giving it your all during class Pen. 
Susannah R Thank you Susannah! 
Judy P The second side always gets you. Thank you Judy! 
Dyanne D Thank you Dyanne!
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