Putting it all Together<br>Katie Yip<br>Class 4609

Putting it all Together
Katie Yip
Class 4609

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Lovely, Brutal, delicious! I really appreciate how precise you are with each move, house for the mouse, reach reach reach. Thank you ;))
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Loved the series. Definitely got stronger on the way. may have to do it a few times though to gain your poise and elegance of movement. Well done
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Great series and teacher. Cueing on point and always challenging. Thank you so much!
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This was an excellent class, I loved the longer leg segment - many classes typically shorten those.  Excellent cueing - thank you!
Marcella G
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This is my first completed program on PilatesAnytime and I just want to thank you Katie for making it so great. I broke my foot 2 months ago so have had to move from high impact movements and weight lifting to low impact, and this has made me feel stronger than ever while only using my body weight. 

Thank you so much! 
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Marcella G Hi Marcella! Thank you so much for your kind words. Happy to hear that you're on the road to getting stronger :) All the best to you! 
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I keep coming back to this. It’s my fave class!!
John C
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Katie has terrific instructional technique.  She finally taught me how to do the bicycle.  Never could figure it out before.  It was also a really good workout; especially for the abs, but really all over
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