Root to Crown<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4617

Root to Crown
Jason Williams
Class 4617

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I really appreciate the Mantra... beautiful class
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Thank you Jason for helping my  body to stretch and release in the morning. Your classes are gentle yet strong and it's just what I need to get some focus and motivation to start my day.  Really love your  classes.
Jason Williams
Gaylene W You’re welcome! Glad your finding the balance in your practice.🙏🏾😃
Jason Williams
Lisa You are welcome! 🙏🏾😃
Ali G
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Thank you, Jason! That was a wonderful way to start my morning! Love the mantra.
Jason Williams
Ali G You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it🙏🏾
Julie Lloyd
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Absolutely beautiful class. Thank you so much!! 
Jason Williams
Julie L you’re welcome🙏🏾  Glad you enjoyed it
Leanne R
Love how you bring a fresh, calming perspective to Pilates. Thank you!!
Shaughna K
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Loved this.  Such a great end to my day.  I feel stretched and energized.  More of these p,ease.  Really enjoyed the mantra and meditation at the beginning and end.
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