Reformer with a Twist<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4632

Reformer with a Twist
Amy Havens
Class 4632

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Nelly C
Great Twisty class! Really enjoyed it. Thank you Amy
Excellent class as always. The cues and calm comments were appropriate and encouraging. ( some instructors babble too much for me) I could not do the twisting short spine but I'm sure to work into that exercise. Left this class with more energy and flexibility than when I started! Thank you, Amy! 
Elena S
Thank you Amy, feel very light and tall now! ūüėė
Dawn U
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So excited to find a new "Amy" reformer class on Pilates Anytime.  She is a real day brightener for me.  Thank you, Amy.  Great class.  I have always been 5'2" tall.  Yesterday, at my annual physical, I was told I was 5"2 1/2".  Thank you, Pilates!!
Oh wow, I loved every single portion of this twisty creative class. Thanks a lot Amy :))
Oh happy hips Amy, thank you loved it x
Great session, Amy! It gave me a lot to work on, especially for my hip bursitis. Thank you, I look forward to the next one! :)
Completely impressed with this class on so many levels!  Thank you Amy!
Lisa R
Really love how you started class with a flowing hip stretch and thoracic rotation! 
Danna G
Great instructor! Just the right amount of explanation…kept it moving. Creative options for the traditional exercises…loved it. Thank you, Amy!
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