Reformer with a Twist<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4632

Reformer with a Twist
Amy Havens
Class 4632

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That was a great class!  I love the different variations.  I teach so much myself and rarely have time to take a class for me.  I am "glowing"!  A bonus was a little wolf spider that spun down to my back from the ceiling on the last move.  I was so calm that I didn't freak out!  Lol!
really good class with lots of original and challenging exercises!! love it!!
Francielle Keller
super class
Michael Mary S
Loved this class.  Thanks so much.  
Lynzi D
Loved this class. New twist on traditional  exercises. 
Wonderful class. Some really small movements with big stretch payoffs.  I appreciate all of the variations you do to hit muscles in a different way and to keep classes exciting. I hope there are a bunch of new equipment classes coming from you.  Thanks Amy!
Thank you so much Amy!

Ellie T
My hips feel great after that class. Loved the footwork hip work right into legs in straps. 
Loved this class! I’ve already taught to a few students and they enjoyed as well. The hip stretches were intense, but welcomed. Thank you. 
Simona K
Creative sequence with clear instructions.  Nice to see a different way to use the reformer for extensive hip work.  
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