Release Eye Tension<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 4642

Release Eye Tension
Christi Idavoy
Class 4642

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Lynn C
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Thank you Christi for this little gem of a class. I never realized how much tension you could hold in your forehead. Will be incorporating these exercises more often into my day.
Cynthia G
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Wow. That really helped.  Had surgery to nose area to remove skin cancer.  Was gentle with myself but I could really feel how I have been holding tension in my forehead and eyes.  Thank you.  This will become part of my practice, thanks to you and PA.
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Wow, who knew I carried so much tension in my forehead! That was lovely Christi. Thank you. Can I ask where these movements come from/ what your influences are? 
Charlotte F Yes! Our heads need release too! My influences on these classes are from my yoga training in the lineage of Swama Rama and also loads of Feldenkrais and Somatic work I've done in the last 20 years. Thank you for asking!

Cynthia G wow, thank you for sharing. I am very grateful you found relief.

Lynn C Amazing! A little bit goes a long way.

Christi Idavoy Thanks so much Christi. I'd love to learn more :)
Laura Maria
lovely! felt so open around my forehead and eyes after
Gurvinder B
Thanks Christi so gentle and yet so profound. 😍 loved it
I loved this class!  Was amazed at the space and lightness I felt around my head at the end of the session.  Thanks so much Christi.  
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