Shoulder Tension Release<br>Christi Idavoy<br>Class 4643

Shoulder Tension Release
Christi Idavoy
Class 4643

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Great class for exploring the push-pull in the pelvis and shoulder girdle.  Breathwork in this class has somatic observation so it holds attention for those of us who find it hard to focus on breath alone.  Parasympathetic nervous system is the driver for this class.   Very relaxing and releasing.  Be prepared with a blanket for the elevated calves portion if it's cold in your space.
Thank you !! I love these series, feeling great to find the point when the weight shift happens which clear my self-image !  
Hi Christie, this is such a wonderful session! I came back to it today, looking for some inspiration for a client with back pain. I love this so much and would also work in this direction more in depth. I would appreciate more classes like this! Thank you!
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