Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 466

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Kathy Corey
Class 466

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Wonderful!!!!!!! So much fun!!!! My new favorite!!!!!!
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Cool! I appreciate the class and also the extra tips!
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What a great class! I've been using the spine corrector a little more with my clients and came away with some great ideas. What a humbling experience those one-arm pushups are!
Great class! Do not have a spine corrector so I tried doing most of your class with a fitness ball. It worked for most of the exercises. Wish you would do a class using a fitness ball.
Wonderful class. Loved the rotation work!
Love this class!
Always loved spine corrector, and this is great addition to my exe repertoire, very challenging, fun. Thank you very much for sharing!
Oh ny gosh !! whenever I see Kathy's name , I just have to do it !! I love the corrector and this was a fantastic , thorough repetoire...the rotation is always my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Kathy! Great workout series. My question is; is it alright to vary the breath? I was thinking of switching the breath on some moves, I'd like any feedback about that which you may choose to offer.
LOVE this - recently ordered 6 spine correctors to use in group classes - can't wait to add some of this in! Always learn so much from Kathy!
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