Mat on the Spine Corrector<br>Kathy Corey<br>Class 466

Mat on the Spine Corrector
Kathy Corey
Class 466

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@summer I was taught to change the breath from Master Teacher Bruce King who learned this technique from Joseph Pilates. Play with the breath changes and see how different the movement becomes. I teach a breath workshop and also address different topics in my newsletter. You can sign up on my website. Hope this helps. Kathy Corey
Loved the class. When I saw the pole I was like yes I have that pole for my reformer. Love the rotation.
This was one of the best Pilates classes I have ever taken!! More of Kathy please!:)
Yeong Cheol C
great teacher!!!
Thanks for the wonderful class, Kathy. I love the upper body rotational movement series. I have done this with a ball but using the spine corrector is the next level up for maximizing three dimensional use of upper spine. Loved your energy.
Vicente Diaz De Leon
Great Class ! And as Kathy Corey Says : " change the movement in the Exercise" & " stay present in the movement". I really enjoyed the Gyrating of the body on the spine corrector.
Wonderfull 3D liberating experience.
Fantastic!!!! Challenging and my body feels amazing! Learned so much!!
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