Reformer for Menopause
Joy Puleo
Class 4670

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Just stumbled on this class and it was excellent!  Thank you Joy for such an insightful and educational class that felt just fabulous in my (49 year old!) body ;) Some great ideas that I will be trying out on my peri/ menopausal clients.  Thank you.  
Wonderful class, with some great ideas. Thank you!
I absolutely love these classes.  Thank you so much from this menopausal woman.
What a pleasant surprise to find Joy in this page! Awesome hip movement to help me open my hip. Thank you

Wonderful as always, Joy! 
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I took this reluctantly not wanting to pigeonhole myself as a "menopausal woman"....but WOW...this is an incredible workout for anyone of any age.  Thanks so much!
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Just finished this class and LOVE how much I feel through the back body!  I hope you will consider filming a higher level of this class as well.  Will be trying the arc workout next.  Thanks for filming this!
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Thanks for this great class. I'm 61 and most of my clients are in their 60's. I'm always looking for new ways to serve our bodies with respect, and this was spot on. 
Please teach more classes! That was one of my favorite classes so far! 
Love love love. Thank you Joy!!
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