Pull Reformer<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4680

Pull Reformer
Mariska Breland
Class 4680

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Love your classes, they are always a good challenge for me.  LOVE your sense of humor.  Thank you.
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Loved this! 
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Love it also and your sense of humour and humbleness
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Great class with creative new moves! I am relatively new to Pilates so a level 3 class is a stretch for me, any thoughts on doing a level 2 class? Thanks so much!
Michele M
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That was creative and challenging in a very good way!  Awesome class for Pilates vets out there!  Thank you Mariska for sharing and thinking outside the box!:)  
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That felt so good! Love the unique moves and the accessible but challenging pace.
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This was a great addition to push.  I am a big fan of the push/pull system of working out, you are such a great teacher with your humor, cues, and insights, and I love your calm tone and demeanor.  What a gem!
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Very innovative!! Love your dry sense of humor!
Thanks all! Glad you liked it!
Beth M
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Mariska, I LOVE your classes. You are so creative and clever. Thank you :)
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