Pull Reformer<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4680

Pull Reformer
Mariska Breland
Class 4680

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Rhonda N I've been practicing since 1999 and teaching since 2005. I think creativity can come from a lot of places. This series is different from others I've done, so it was harder to develop a class flow while having just one movement focus. 

For group classes, I pick body parts or movements. I think it's important to have a basic structure. For reformer, mine is usually warm up/footwork, supine arms/legs, seated arms/legs, planks, box, extra exercises and stretches and then I just insert exercises into those slots. I also try to make sure that I do multiple exercises in one position before moving to another position. 

I also think taking a lot of classes can help creativity. A lot of my workouts are calisthenics and strength training now, and they used to be barre and yoga, and I try to translate to Pilatesish.
Christine S
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Love this series. Definitely thinking kind thoughts about you :)
I liked this class but did not think it was appropriate to criticize a classic exercise such has Horseback.  
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I liked the hands and knees on the box and the Dorsiflexion exercise 👍
Shona Croft
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Ah that was great and now I’m going to follow this whole program, probably again and again. And I love your sarcastic humour -  I love a giggle in my reformer Marissa! 
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