Mat Basics<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 47

Mat Basics
Amy Havens
Class 47

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I like how she shows what it looks like when expanding the rib cage. that visual helps!
Thank you Diane.....the expansion of the ribs on the inhalation is important. Spend time with's so healthy for us! Thanks for watching!
I think that you're cues are excellent. They have helped me tremendously in my classes since I joined two weeks ago. I'm hooked on Amy!
Hi LC, thank you so much for your comments! So glad to have you a part of the Pilates Anytime audience! I hope to hear from you again soon.
Wonderful and instructive for me. Thank you, I will keep these concepts in mind (and body) when taking other classes.
Glad you found the Basics useful Susannah!
it is a very simple class for beginners .. i really felt much better after it with a good stretching for my back. I wish to find a job better than sitting on the chair working all the day !
Sameh....thank you for this feedback. If you have the option of using a different chair at work, try a physioball! It's a great way to get some core work, posture focus and it's fun too!
Thank you for the excellent instruction. I am so happy to have access to wonderful teachers. After a couple years of disappointing changes in the classes offered at my gym, this is a godsend.
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