Mat Basics<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 47

Mat Basics
Amy Havens
Class 47

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Thank you Cathy!! Welcome to this incredible Pilates community!!
Great visuals of the cues used. As a student studying for aSTOTTS qualification I am hoping to gain from this site. D
Hi Danielle.....thanks for taking a look at these fundamentals. We have many on the site and I suggest you take a look at The Beginners Center, if you haven't already. This site is such a resource for learning, no matter what level someone is at. Let me know if you have any specific questions....happy to help!
that was wonderful and informative. I haven't been to class for months and your video really remiinded me to stay engaged with the core
Andrea......thank you.....that is a nice compliment and I'll take it! Going 'back to basics' is one of my favorite things...keep going, it's worth it!
Steph M
Thank you for this video, Amy. This is only my second pilates video on this website (or anywhere) and I feel like I am learning so much!
After abandoning pilates due to a heavy work load at grad school I am trying to get back into it. Thanks for this great class, I felt like I had forgotten the basics of Pilates and this class was quite helpful in helping me remember the correct movements and postures that undergird a Pilates practice.
Hi Steph.....Welcome to Pilates Anytime! And Ruth.....thank you for getting yourself back into Pilates!! I'm happy to hear this class was a good tune up for you, keep it up!!
Thank you for sharing these very important Base platform principles of movement
You're welcome Justintime6!
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