Day 5: I am Grounded<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4722

Day 5: I am Grounded
Kira Lamb
Class 4722

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Elisa V
I feel confident and unshakable when I believe in myself. Wonderful class !!!
Thank you Kira!  I feel confident and unshakable when I am centred and focused on my breath. 
Becky B
I feel confident and unshakable when I challenge my body. Thanks for another great class!
The queues are fantastic….I’m finding challenge for muscles I hadn’t activated in certain exercises previously….love the flow and the mood you create.

I am confident when I finish a class or a run and I have that moment of awe and appreciation for what my body can do…I need to hold onto that confidence and belief more! 
Amanda E
My favorite so far, I will for sure repeat this one.
Elaine O
A great class! I feel confident and unshakeable when I say my prayers, follow my instincts and make sure I’m on my list. Your cues help me to really connect.
…not often but always after I complete a Pilates workout or a run and when I take the time to truly look into my soul. Thanks Kira - I love your cues! It’s so great to be inspired by your energy and the really “can do” tone of your voice. This is a fantastic challenge.
Your teaching points for the teaser have been a game changer for me Kira. Thank you, I am finally enjoying the teaser!!!!! 😀
Ariela D
I feel confident and unshakeable when I am centered
Rachel W
I think I've just done my best teaser - thank you for your guidance and great cues
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