Day 5: I am Grounded<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 4722

Day 5: I am Grounded
Kira Lamb
Class 4722

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Fabulous Que's. Great Class
“I feel confident and unshakeable when...” I have done the best I can, and let go of anything more I could have/should have done.  My practice has taught me to just GO sometimes.  Because I’ve done the technique and precision work, I can AND it’s going to be fine!  Just like I cue in class, “for every ROOT there is a REACH.”  My practice, self care and inner work  have laid the roots, and as Irene Dowd suggests, now, I can fly!  
Thanks, Kira! 
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I dance.
Lina S
I see the progression. I appreciate your cues. Thank you!

I feel confident and unshakeable when... my thought, my heart and my word are aligned, when I listen to my inner voice.
Erica Young
Kira, you are amazing! I feel confident and unshakeable when...I listen to my truth. 
Ivana S
I feel confident and unshakeable when I follow my intuition, my heart...
I feel confident and unshakable when I laugh, have fun, be myself and everything flows! Thanks so much for your excellent cues! I really love your teaching and I learn so much with each exercise!
Lisa C
I feel confident and unshakable when I let go of fear 
Hi Kira, it was lovely. Thank you so much for your energy and love. Have a wonderful new year!
Ruth S
Another great session Kira - thank you. I feel confident and unshakeable when I am grounded and believe in myself.
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