Barrework<br>David McMahan<br>Class 4743

David McMahan
Class 4743

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Thank you David. I loved the fact that I can do the workout anywhere and I really liked the elements of precision and focus. 
Wow, that was brutal but I loved every minute of it. Thanks so much for such a clear and concise class
Thank you so much. I appreciate the precision and beauty of your technique. The cueing (sp?) made it understandable. Hope to see more of your classes.
So wonderful. Thank you.
I really enjoyed this, thank you
Fern K
Very nice and extremely clear. Thank you, David! These movements make a great addition to a wider repertoire from the ballet barre or to a fitness barre workout.
David ! Wonderful class ! you've inspired me to do more of this work ! thank you and more classes please :)
Brian P
I was using muscles I hadn't used since I was a professional ballet dancer (a couple of decades ago).  I agree with David's assessment that this is a great addition to regular Pilates work.  Great class!
Every time I take a Fletcher lesson my body feels amazing. Great lesson , I love this precision and the breathing patterns, thank you :)
Loved it! My shoulders feel unexpectedly much more open and in their correct place. I did have some trouble understanding how to move my legs on the last attitude (?) sequence and how to engage my glutes but I loved the rotational elements. What should we do if we feel knee pain on some of the plié’s? My left knee was grumpy at the beginning
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