Beginning Floorwork<br>Deborah Mendoza<br>Class 4751

Beginning Floorwork
Deborah Mendoza
Class 4751

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Thank you Deborah!
A gem of a class. Thanks for sharing Deborah :))
Christina F
After a long road trip my back was rejoicing!!! Thank you!
Julie Lloyd
I love how these Ron Fletcher influenced classes achieve a beautiful balance between core strength, grace and flexibility. I also love the breathing focus, and a sense afterwards that I have been quite athletic. Thank you Deborah for the amazing class!
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There's so much to say about this class:  Both a timely and a time capsule.  A flow class that is contemporary with almost no demarcated transitions.  The exercises have dated names like "buns trimmer" when really what you're doing is a combination of Pilates core control and Graham based modern dance.  This class is for the flow afficionado with the floor as your dance partner.  Put two mats together and give yourself plenty of room.
Thank you Deborah that was a nice class !
This was so refreshing. After looking it up, now I understand why it reminded me a bit of the Graham Technique. I really hope to incorporate this into my training more and introduce it to my skating students for strength, breathing, and lines. Thank you for this sampler!
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