Beginning Floorwork<br>Deborah Mendoza<br>Class 4751

Beginning Floorwork
Deborah Mendoza
Class 4751

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very cool class!
Laura Maria
Wow! the movements felt so connected to the breath and built up a rhythm. Enjoyed the pictures from the book that accompanied the exercises and am looking forward to more classes like this
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Loved the different planes of movement and freedom of movement while keeping the spine “organized.”
Laurie C
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Yes definitely yummy class! Feel stronger and longer! Would love to see more classes like this! Thank you, Deborah!💕🌈💪🏻
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Thank you Deborah! I also hope that you have more classes on Pilates Anytime. I really enjoyed the movement, flow and your instruction.
Chaz K
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Finally some fletcher floor work!!!!! Such an important part of Ron’s legacy. Thank for for sharing with the community!
Yaffa M
gorgeous ,,
loved all the inner intentions
thank you
Love this work, Deborah! Thank you for this amazing class
Enjoyed the movements.  I am a great believer and advocate of breathing through movement …however I find this noisy breathing off putting and feel it doesn’t add to  the experience 
A lot of movements I don’t do very often! Thanks!
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