Twisty Mat<br>Blossom L<br>Class 4759

Twisty Mat
Blossom L
Class 4759

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Rita S
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Really liked this class! Thank you! :)
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Sooooo great! Thank you both! David great execution!
Laura Maria
Fantastic class, loved the clam variations at the end. Quick question: in the side lying with only the arm the upper leg slightly lifted or resting?
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Loved this ! So nice to see teacher and participant. Observation and correction. 👏
Lina S
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A nice fun class with interesting variations. It feels good. I've appreciated to see Blossom demonstrates some of the exercises from a standing position along with David doing them on the mat. Great cueing!
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Thank you Blossom! So great to see you here again! 
Adam M
I enjoyed this. Really loosened me up after several days of sitting. However, one question - when doing the arm movements on the side, are the legs lifted?
Oh! My! Goodness! What a lovely class, thank you Blossom, that was amazing
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That was so fun! Thanks so much Blossom and to the smiley David!
Rebecca V
WOW This was so much fun and felt so good. The transitions were smooth and creative. I loved all the variation with adding a twist to classical exercises. I especially loved that twist in the seal. Thank you!
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