Energizing Mat<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4785

Energizing Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4785

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Pilates Emma
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So good to take a class with you again … huge fan of towel work 🙂
Gabriella D
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Thanks for this brilliant workout ! I’m happy to see you with new classes, dear Kristi!
Amy S
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A great brief and to the point class; Liked the towel support to the back especiaslly
Viola S
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Lovely! Thank you!
Thanks everyone. I'm so grateful for all the comments here! 
Kristi really good class, good formation and stabilisation through the movement. Hits all the parts on the body well in a short time. Great re-enegizer thank you.
Thank you Kristi Cooper for the quick&great session.
Jessica P
You’re adorable! Thank you 💕
Patricia C
Thank you Kristi !,
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