New Beginnings<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4790

New Beginnings
Meredith Rogers
Class 4790

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That was just brilliant! Such a great workout. Thank you very much Meredith. Happy New Year!
Thanks Meredith for this flow class, great class for the last day of 2021 to feel forward for 2022
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What a wonderful class, Meredith! I love the mixture of work and stretching! Added immediately to my favorites! Happy New Year!!
Gisela G
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Thank you, Meredith! I am so grateful for your classes! All the best for 2022!
Adam M
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I did this after shoveling four inches of snow off my driveway. My back, which should be sore and stiff, feels great. Thanks Meredith! Always enjoy your workouts.
Lina S
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Nice flow. A great way to begin 2022! Happy New Year!
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Dear Meredith, what a beautiful beginning of the new year and as well a beautiful let go of 2021…that’s my very personal approach…😉 love your classes like always! Wishing you a wonderful happy and especially healthy 2022! And also to the team of Pilates Anytime my best wishes! Warm greetings from Germany!! 🌟
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What a fantastic class to ring in the new year.  I feel great, and like you, am optimistic for 2022!
Jessica B
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Meredith's classes are so inspiring. With many teachers, even though I may be getting a lot from the workout and thoroughly enjoying  myself,  I tend to glance at the bar at the bottom to see how much time has passed and how much is left to go. When I am in Meredith's class, I feel like I get into a different zone where time is of no concern. This was a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating  way to start 2022! 
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A great start to the year!
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