New Beginnings<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4790

New Beginnings
Meredith Rogers
Class 4790

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Perfect start to the New year!
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I love your classes Meredith, thank you!
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Love this class, and the mind body connection, thanks Meredith, Happy New Year!
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Thank you 🙏🇩🇰
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Happy New Year, to new beginnings! Thank you so much Meredith Rogers 
Cynthia G
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Will agree with Jutta a beautiful release and acceptance of the new year.  Gratitude that I can still move even though its not as graceful as many years ago, I still enjoy moving my spine.  Thank you for the thoughtful and gentle motivational class. 
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This was intensely wonderful! Thank you Meredith and a happy new year to you!! Great start!
Ruth B
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The flow from one movement to the next was beautiful. Wonderful way to start the New Year.

Gemma T
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Thanks so much Meredith for another beautiful class with your gentle wisdom to begin a new year. x
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Gratitude, energy, ease and release! And of course oxygen! As always, loved this Meredith. Thank you.
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