Center with Awareness<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 4810

Center with Awareness
Erin Wilson
Class 4810

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Thank very much Erin!! Siempre te hemos visto de alumna, y es una alegría  ahora  verte como profesora  y oir tu voz!!
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Great class! Appreciated all the tips and modifications and your great sunny personality. Thank you.
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Asuncion V thank you so much! Yes, it is weird being on the talking side of the video! Thank you so much for your support! 
Lori thank you so much for your feedback! I truly appreciate you!
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Ive been taking classes on  PA for 11 years.  A return to basics with a teacher who demonstrates her delight in sharing her love of the practice was an hour well spent. Thank you.
Michaela M
Great class, Erin! I've really enjoyed it! Thanks!
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Great class Erin! Have always copies your movements in classes so nice to have you as a teacher now.
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Thank you Erin for this great class - which was my first one here on PA. It will definitely not be the last one! 
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Sook Wern C thank you so much for taking the class and for your support! I’m so excited to be on the “teaching” side of the camera! Thank you!
DM I am overjoyed that would take this class 😄. Thank you so much for  your support and being a part of the PA community! There are too many incredible teachers and classes here to name! Enjoy!
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