Center with Awareness<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 4810

Center with Awareness
Erin Wilson
Class 4810

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Joni N Hiiiiii! Wow. I have no words. What an incredible compliment and I am truly honored that you would take this class. Thank you so so much 🙏🏻
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Michaela M thank you so much for your feedback and taking the class 🙏🏻😊
Really Liked this beginners Session. Nice relaxed manner of Cueing. Definitely felt good!
Ilja thank you so much for your feedback and thank you for taking the class 😊
Lina S
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Sometimes, it's good to go back to basics, to get the beginner's mind. I've enjoyed the cues and the variations of some traditional mat exercises. I've learned a new way to introduce the roll up (with one bent knee). I'm looking forward to the next class!
Lina S thank you so much for taking the class and for your feedback 🙏🏻 I always love returning to the basics and happy you found the roll up with one leg useful 😊. Thank you again!
Hayley H
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Loved this class! It is a perfect pace for someone who knows a little but needs more explanation! Can’t wait for the next video
Hayley H thank you so much for taking the class! I’m a huge fan of  the “why’s” behind the movement 😊. Thank you for your feedback!
Katie T
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Thanks Erin, what a wonderful class. I felt centered and connected. I will be using those exercises and cues in my classes this week. Thanks!
Katie T I am so happy you enjoyed the class and can share it with your classes! Thank you so much for taking it and for your feedback 🙏🏻
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