Running Your Show<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 4811

Running Your Show
Erin Wilson
Class 4811

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I can't seem to find the link to the classes after #2 - I assume you've already completed the 6? If you could send me a link I would be grateful!
Julia L hi! Yes, all six have been recorded. Pilates Anytime releases each video on a schedule. Usually one video per month. If you find the icon/link for “Begin Pilates” on the website, it will let you know when the next video will be released. I believe video #3 is being released in early March. Hope this helps! Thank you so much for taking the classes! 😊💜
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Thanks for a great class Erin. I especially enjoyed the introspective nature of your cues.... encouragement to sense, feel and notice etc... really wonderful and creates such a positive movement experience. 
Meena D
nice slow and clear cues. Perfect intro exercises for both students and teachers
Julia H thank you so much for your beautiful compliments and feedback. I truly appreciate you. Thank you for taking the class 🙏🏼
Meena D thank you so much for taking the class! I really appreciate your feedback 🙏🏼
Sue S
Erin Wilson thank you for another lovely gentle class. I am recovering from a back injury and getting back to my pilates slowly. Your classes are proving very helpful. 
Sue S thank you so much for trusting the class with your body. I have definitely experienced some significant body injuries along the road of life, and am so glad this class is helpful for you. I hope you continue to heal 🙏🏼
Garreth R
Thanks Erin. It is so nice to go back to basics. great class.
Garreth R thank you so much! I love the basics too 😊. Thank you for taking the class!
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