Quick Reformer Refresher<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 4813

Quick Reformer Refresher
Adrianne Crawford
Class 4813

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Thank you, Adrianne, for this fun and spicy flow! Really value your precise and easy to understand cues, which continue to help me feel and understand, and appreciate this work so much more! 
Andrea B
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Way too fast!  Not everyone has the type of footbar that can be changed with feet.  It would have been a great workout but needed more time for spring and footbar changes.
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Agreed that it is to fast for all the changes in the spring tension.
Amazing!! I loved the rhythm so much, it kept moving and got to work all my body in less than half an hour, perfect for busy morning. Also lift my mood up, feeling energized and happy, please more like these!
I’ve done many moderate classes, but this one felt like it was accelerated. I could barely keep up. Perhaps changing the designation would be helpful since just the footwork transitions alone were dizzying.
Stacey SAndrea B, and Liz R ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this class, we've decided to change the pace to accelerated. 
So fast and fun!
I enjoyed the class overall but the pace was so quick it wasn't enough time to really digest each move
thanks for the informative explanations!
Heather M
Too fast- not my favorite
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