Energize With Your Breath<br>Erin Wilson<br>Class 4817

Energize With Your Breath
Erin Wilson
Class 4817

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Loved that class, thank you!
Aine B thank you so much for taking the class! 😊
Julie Lloyd
This is a beautiful class, thank you Erin x

Breath is wonderful as you are; thank you so much for this wonderful class :)
For even the experienced practitioner.  Do the more active expression of the exercises but take enough time to see how fuller inhale or exhale contributes to your practice.  I found the strong exhale especially helpful in hip circles where I have a hard time bringing my weaker right side obliques into the stabilization when the left leg is active.  What will you discover?
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Cigdem A thank you so much for continuing with the series! This was my favorite class to film. How amazing is our breath, right?!
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Julie L thank you so much for taking the class!
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Allison O thank you for continuing with the series! I also find a stronger breath on the leg circles to be very helpful 😊. Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙏🏻
Lina S
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Breath can energize and relax. Nice class. I've enjoyed the plank variation.
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Lina S I liked the plank variation, too.  When you can't do a full push-up it can be hard to know what to do instead that feels like a progressive sequence.  Erin's planks feel like you're getting somewhere.
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