Cardio Interval Box Class<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4840

Cardio Interval Box Class
Tracey Mallett
Class 4840

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You just replaced my workout for today because this looks like so much fun.  Thank you for keeping it all fresh and fun.  I need more of this.  I already know the basics but want new approaches to keep it all interesting and to save time too.  Thanks!
Lina S
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I've enjoyed the class even though I don't have a Reformer box! I've loved the squat and knee lift and side leg lift sequence. It works well with yoga blocks too Thank you! It was fun!
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Like so much!!!!!!!!!
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That was so fun, thank you Tracey! ~Jennifer Mann
Eagle Thanks Jennifer more coming...xo
Mor S
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Tracey you are just out of this world!!!!
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Great class, as usual!!! 
Nice choreography--  think the public is  close to finding out there are only 10 moves
Laurie C
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Great workout. I do not have a box but I substitute with a vanity bench. Had to do a couple modification due to tall in height and it being a little short in length but never the less it worked.  Look forward to more of this series!! Love all your classes. You always are so enthused with so much fun and creativity! Thank you, Tracy!
Julie K
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Thanks for ideas to add into my cardio classes. Look forward to trying it out!
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