Alan Herdman<br>Alan Herdman<br>Documentary 4851

Alan Herdman
Alan Herdman
Documentary 4851

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As   an engineer in the  past  his been  my  hero  to be  a pilates  teacher  I am so  glad  to  watch  this   video  thank you  so much so  valuable to listen and watch  him 
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What an amazing gift and story. It is fascinating to hear how people got to where they are. Thank you for all of the words of wisdom! I love "Client first. Technique second." How you "want to exercise a client for what they need and not what the technique demands from them." These elegant reminders actually transfer to life outside of pilates as well. Thank you for sharing Alan and thank you Pilates Anytime for bringing us this amazing history, complete with extraordinary photos and video!
I agree, an amazing story indeed. Enjoyed every moment of this video on Alan. Grateful to have had the pleasure of receiving one of my first Pilates sessions from Alan back in 2016. And hearing his story makes it even more special for me. I loved the article headline "Do something wonderful for the only body you have" 
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It touched my heart. Thank you PA and thank you Alan Herdman for sharing your story with us. Your classes and tutorials in PA  are very informative and helpful for me.
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I agree with all the above.I loved learning more about this amazing, elegant man. I must say the producers of this film really produced a work of art as well...
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Thank you! I love this documentary! Alan ❤️
Loved this! I had the pleasure of taking two workshops with Alan over the years, both in Germany. I've read his story before, but so interesting to hear him tell it. 
Beautiful presentation and chat with Alan Herdman.  
"I don't do the hundred"...."very rarely" awesome   OX
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Alan inspired me into the world of teaching Pilates when I did an introduction to Pilates course with him. Love his way of thinking and I like to think my own style of teaching has developed in a similar way, think that may also be down to Michael Kings’ training too! Great documentary, thank you for that. X
Tears of Joy on this one ...

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