Building Range of Motion<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4861

Building Range of Motion
Cara Reeser
Class 4861

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Laure E
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Well done Cara!  This series ties in perfectly with The Cervical Powerhouse workshop which is also excellent.  You and Sammy are the most adorable duo.  I can feel the love!
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Hey Cara this was such a great class. Sammi is ADORBS! I'm loving all the upper body classes. It's lovely to workout with you again! x
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I absolute love that class. Feeling so good. The flow, the rythm… thank you so much for this great serie
Your class structure and warmth is so good- it feels as if you are in the room teaching me Cara! Your cues as always are fab and the work methodical but challenging. Sammy is the real star for cat spine though!
Cholong K
this is amazing class !!
Sama J
loved it and love Sammy!
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