Strengthening Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 487

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I loved this class. There were so many creative variations. Meredith is great.
Thanks Meredith. Met you in Sydney and love your classes!
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Awesome class again Meredith! Was lovely to meet you in Sydney (strange girl that hugged you in one of Rael's workshops).
Love the abs challenge & variation on Teaser! Great job Meri!
Thanks ladies! Big shout out to you aussie are AWESOME!!
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Great mat session...esp loved the "suicides". Combined that with a couple LIttelford sequences. Made for a great props, just the powerhouse! Thank you
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OOOOO, new modifications (for me at least)! Love it, always welcoming a new challenge. Thanks for the great class!
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Great class Meredith..clear cueing and fun variations!
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Thanks for a great class...really liked the ladder down ab series and a few other creative tidbits I had never seen before.
Thanks for playing everyone!
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