Strengthening Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 487

Strengthening Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 487

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Dear Meredith, I like these "older" classes of yours as much as I like the new ones. But some of the ideas you used 3 years ago don't appear in your current classes anymore - I must say I regret this since they are really good. Thanks for this class - I feel great after taking it!
Thank you Janja! Are there any specific ideas that you are missing from my newer classes. Please share! I can always use a refresher even if the ideas were my own :)
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Hi Meredith I love your classes when are you coming back to Australia?
Hi Kate!
Thank you so much.
I will be back to Australia this August.
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Great class- love to find these old classes - loved the "suicides" - thanks Meredith!
Marissa C they are sure fun!!
What a great class! Creative transitions and such an intentional yet free-flowing class. I loved it! I’m so grateful to be able to learn from you!
Melinda Asimakos thank you! What a sweet thing to say.
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