Wunda Wobble<br>Carla Mullins<br>Class 4870

Wunda Wobble
Carla Mullins
Class 4870

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Carla Mullins
Svitlana D Glad to hear, your dancer hips would so enjoy those treats. I think you will enjoy the wishing you well series on the reformer next month.  Fabulous for the whole spine and torso.

Carla, this is the first time I have seen one of your workshops.  The movement and stability that was happening felt so good.  Looking forward to more!  THANKS
Carla Mullins
Janice M thank you I am glad it felt so good. It is always nice to give people a new twist on our work. A suggestion is to try the unburdening the shoulder class I did on pilates anytime. Then combine it with this class. The combination is challenging but makes the hip shoulder balance connection so delicious. These two 30 minute classes are my go to for clients with frozen shoulder and also vestibular issues.

Helen A
Thank you Carla! I am an Osteopath and Pilates teacher and use both to rehab my clients. Your thoughtful and fun approach ticks all of the boxes. Such excellent quality teaching! With appreciation - Helen 
Carla Mullins
@Helen A, thank you. I love the combination of Osteopath and Pilates teacher, so helpful for that systemic approach.   I think you would like theTutorial #4872) I taught for Pilates Anytime.  An osteopath in my area sent me so many clients with "Frozen Shoulders" I developed that series for the client's howework.  In the studio, I often combine the ideas from that class with wunda wobble, so that the clients can build their Oblique Muscular slings as well as calm their nervous system.  If you have any suggestions for additions would love to hear from you. 
Thank you for this class!  It's a great way to combine wunda chair with "sit to stand" ! The unfamiliar mode refresh my brain!
Carla Mullins
ShiQing Fan good to hear. It is nice to just challenge the ordinary with simplicity.  

Carla, FUN class! So great to see you on PA!  I love your approach & whimsical approach to teaching.  This workout is very applicable to my equestrian life; many thanks for all of your insight & precision. 
I still remember fondly your Makarlu workshop weekend in SB (pre-COVID) at Amy's (previous studio). That was a really fun & informative weekend. 
Carla Mullins
Alex R Lovey to hear from you.   love the name whimsical wundachair, sounds a bit like an Enid Blyton book but I think we could make it work for Pilates.  If I recall correctly you or your lovely partner had some issues with shoulders. IF that is still the case try the unburden your shoulders class on Pilates Anytime soo good for shoulders.   I am looking forward to a time that I can travel and see people in person again.
Thankyou Carla, another amazing class, particularly the kneeling hip and QL release, and the progressions. Great fun as always, incorporating YOUR work into all my classes! 
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