Unburdening the Shoulder<br>Carla Mullins<br>Tutorial 4872

Unburdening the Shoulder
Carla Mullins
Tutorial 4872

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Thank you, Carla. I am eager to try this to have rehab my supraspinatus and infraspinatus. Any suggestions on how often to do these exercises?
Carla Mullins
Hello Christine, 

I would suggest you start with the passive stick exercise and add one additional exercise each day hopefully building up to the whole program at the end of the month. Check in how that feels and give your body a day to say yes or no to that exercise. Take the time to listen to the response and give yourself an opportunity to integrate the movement and the new postural placement .  With tendon injuries they can be slow to recover and grading your load is important.  If in doubt show your manual therapist and check that this is appropriate for you.  
The workout in this program is something I take my clients through in stages and I always double-check with their therapists to make sure that there is nothing else that would interfere with the pacing of the program. eg surgeries or an autoimmune condition that would slow down the healing stages. 

Wow, this helped me so much. I recently had my second open rotator cuff repair (the first one failed) 
A donor tendon, screws and anchors were used as my infraspinatus wouldn't stretch back. I feel like I have a mass of scar tissue restricting my movement with no external rotation.
I'm hoping that these exercises are going to free me up so I can work on the external rotation.
Thank you so much
Carla Mullins
Angharad A I am happy to hear you. There is so much more to add in for this, I love progressing the work, it is ever so important for a very slow progression of load. I like to keep it closed chain at first, with addition of rotation. If you get a chance look at the PA wunda chair tutorial I did, there are some good ideas in it for the shoulder combination of foam roller onto the chair.   good luck and fingers crossed

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