Passing Through Balance<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4876

Passing Through Balance
Regina Santos
Class 4876

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I like these series a lot, Thanks Regina! I find mermaid hard in the same way you do, as well as the balance :) 
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Regina Santos
Jennifer A Thank you for following! I'm so happy you are enjoying the series. And Yes, like Jay says, "practice, practice, may not be easy, but it is possible!" 
Regina Santos
Gali D So glad you enjoyed it and congrats on your accomplishment! Thanks for following :) 
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a great reminder to practice things that are hard for me! Holy smokes. Can you estimate spring translation to a Stott V2Max reformer? 
Regina Santos
Alisha B Thank you! Yes, we grow when we keep practicing with what is uncomfortable ;)  I'm not really sure, but two springs on the Gratz translate into a medium resistance, one translates into light and 3 is medium-hard . Does that help? Looking forward to hearing more about your experience! 
Savannah B
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I usually love the pace of your workouts, but the speed of the transitions involving equipment changes was way too fast here. We need more time to set the box correctly, change handles, etc. I found myself hitting pause way more often than usual. I also noticed that you moved onto the next exercise without saying anything several times, and given the speed of the exercises, I had to hit pause again to catch up.
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the speed in transitions made me hurt myself which has never happened before in my fifteen years of doing pilates. It seemed like we were against the clock , very unpleasant
Margie D
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Teacher does not give allowance for spring changes or transitions.  I do Pilates to get my alignment correct and do proper form over reps.  I consider myself Level 2/3 after 20 years of Pilates Reformer but this class was just too fast and instructions are not clear so I need to turn my head to see what she is doing because we cannot rely on verbal cues alone. She is an excellent teacher just wish she slowed down transtions more.
Regina Santos
Savannah B Thanks for the constructive feedback, I appreciate it! I hope that didn't discourage you from trying it all again - once you have your equipment set ups in your body,  our hope is that you will enjoy how the system flows.
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