Passing Through Balance<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4876

Passing Through Balance
Regina Santos
Class 4876

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Regina Santos
Silvia F Ah, perhaps you might want to practice the first and second classes first? This class is the third of a series of five in which you get alot of the same and similar exercises. It is meant to challenge after the mastery of the first two. The whole repertoire is based on the original work by Mr. Pilates. Listen to your body, if something doesn't work for you, please don't do it. If you do privates in person, that would help as well. Thank you for trying it out and I hope you circle back to the first! 
Jen U
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A little too fast paced for me...was not able to transition and I needed more cues.  You are a beautiful practitioner nonetheless and I would say this workout is for the advanced participant 
Regina Santos
Jen U Thank you for your note and your kind words. Have you tried the first of the series, Present Moment Awareness? It is the first of this series is a build from there. I hope you try it and look forward to hearing from you! Thank you again for following
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