Lower Body Reformer<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4899

Lower Body Reformer
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4899

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Thank you Delia! That was challenging on the legs. I love your cueing. It resonated with me. I appreciate the content your sharing.
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Thank you! Great class for STOTT teachers in training for observation/practice hours, lots of by the book movements yet SUPER fluid and fun. Fun foot in loop variations (I didn't fall off either, but it was close =)
Thank you! This was a great class! Just what I needed today! Lower body emphasis but still a  full workout. Thank you for your great cues!
Libby K
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Great workout Delia - thank you.  I would have loved a little more time to savour the stretches.  It is possible to pause the video but that often requires getting out of position and off the reformer.  The sweat feels great though!
Martha Valentine
Beautiful cueing - crystal clear technique & creative choreography- I always enjoy your classes! 
Excellent class as always Delia! You bring such clarity to the work. Always great when you have classes on PA. Looking forward to the rest of the Level Up series! Many thanks!
Awesome! So clear and deliberate. Love!
Perfect class in preparation for Spring skiing!!! Catching my flight West in 8 hours!!!
This class felt great after skiing bumps! Thank you! XO
Hi Delia.. I always use the shorter strap of Reformer loops for my feet on straps work because I figure it is the same  length as any regular strap made by manufacturing companies.  i  am curious why you choose the longer loop thou...
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