Jump Board Challenge<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4908

Jump Board Challenge
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4908

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Robin S
Absolutely the BEST JUMPBOARD workout on this platform. Thank you~ when I need cardio and stretch this will be my go to! Please make more
Thanks Delia loved the 100’s with the jump board!
Beautiful, Delia!
Great class love the flow and they way you help build heat in the body
Diane O
Your classes are wonderful.  I hope you will do more!  Thank you!
Andrea B
Great cueing!  Thank you!!!
I loved this easy to follow and creative - it felt basic and advanced at the same time- would you do this with someone with a diastasis excluding the flexion in light weight jumps? Thanks! Make me want to ski!
I loved it! Thank you 😊 
Brandie D
Loved this! Excellent transitions and intelligent cueing, some  new ideas and a lot of fun! Glad I found this today, exactly what I needed!
Great class Della thank you love the clear instruction, pace and color of spring changes!
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