Lower Body Wall Pilates<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4923

Lower Body Wall Pilates
Amy Havens
Class 4923

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Really enjoyed this Amy.  I love wall work. It definitely helps me to feel the work better in my body.  Thanks!
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Thank you Amy!! Lovely and fun as always! :)
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You're such a great teacher - loved this class!  Thanks so much!
Loved the class and such a great way to feel what is in stake in every exercice
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i am really loving this series. so many possibilities on the wall!!
 thank you amy. 
Gisela G
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This is excellent! Especially the side lying work and also the spine stretch off the wall are really intense. Thank you!
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Love going to the wall  Amy teaches great classes with this "apparatus".  The stability of the wall lends fresh access to the obliques!  When the body is free in space, you may rock around trying to engage the obliques but at the wall you have something to push against to keep the action in the abs and not the hips.
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That was so lovely. The simplicity of the feedback from the wall is such a great tool. 😁
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Could I used a pillow beneath my hips when seated in front o the wall for tight hamstrings?
Liaan C
My video didn't show Amy... maybe it was my screen.. 
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